Groovy Donuts Prepares For Busy Fat Tuesday!

East Lansing & Williamston, MI 02/13/2018

Fat Tuesday is a week away and Groovy Donuts is gearing up for its 3rd Paczki Celebration! To say that Fat Tuesday is our busiest day of the year may not do it justice. Our first year open for Fat Tuesday we sold about 1,500. This past year we made nearly 5,000. We anticipate an even bigger day this year.

The energy and excitement associated with making so many paczki, serving so many customers and seeing so many smiling faces feels like a shot of adrenaline as a baker.  This is by far my favorite day of the year, but easily the most tiring too! Not to mention, Fat Tuesday means, we get to enjoy some of our delicious paczki creations too…which is never a bad thing!

What Are Paczki?

Many people ask us what make Paczki different from other filled donuts.The answer is this: as a traditional preparation for Lent, many Catholics, primary polish, would use the remaining eggs, sugar, shortening and preserves in their pantry. With those ingredients they made paczki, which are like jelly filled donuts, but have a richer dough, due to the extra sugar, eggs and shortening.

Fat Tuesday, celebrated widely in Michigan and throughout the Mid-West with Paczki, while other areas like Louisiana celebrate with pastries known as King Cake.

What’s Special About Groovy Paczki?

We pride ourselves on offering a large, high-quality paczki with a lot of options for fillings and toppings. We offer 8 fillings (Blueberry, Cherry, Chocolate Cream, Cream, Custard, Lemon, Prune Lekvar & Raspberry) and 3 toppings (Glaze, Powdered Sugar and Granulated Sugar). Many who have tried our paczki have deemed them the best they have ever had!

Specialty Paczki: Crème Brulee Paczki

This year, we have added a specialty item to the Paczki Mix…Crème Brulee. We use a culinary torch to create a delicious, crunchy, sugary shell on the exterior of a Custard Filled Paczki…this takes the idea of a Crème Brulee donut to the next level!

Groovy Donuts are handmade, fresh every morning. We are a retro, old school donut and coffee shop with some “Rock N’ Roll Soul”. Our gig is to make sure our customers have a far out experience every time they walk through the doors. Can Ya Dig It?


Katie Geller
February 8, 2017 · 

Groovy donuts have the BEST PACZKI'S ever!!!!!! We have literally talked about them since last year!

Wanda Atkinson
Local Guide · 41 reviews · 32 photos
11 months ago

Once you try Groovy paczki you will never buy prepackaged paczki again. Amazing. The donuts are pretty amazing also. Super friendly service.


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